speed test in ports?

David Banning david at skytracker.ca
Mon Jan 11 19:25:38 UTC 2010

> You don't need ports for that....Just use fetch(1) and grab an ISO of
> a DVD (or even a CD) from somewhere. Eg, a debian DVD image or freebsd
> image or whatever. A lot of ISPs boost the first x MB of a transfer to
> give the illusion that you can download faster when doing speed tests
> (since speed tests only transfer a small amount of data). Comcast's
> "PowerBoost" is a perfect example of this. So if you get something
> bigger, you can monitor the speed of the download and get your speed
> test that way.
> If you really want to be accurate, you can do the test several times
> using mirrors in various geographical areas as well to get a better
> overall idea of your available bandwidth.
This method works for me - what about testing upload?  I am guessing the 
best way might be to login into another server and "fetch" from my server?

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