can I leverage off our new comcast wireless internet.

Gary Kline kline at
Sun Jan 10 22:14:06 UTC 2010


	The problem is: how to keep this short and maintain some logic...  Okay,
	I'll start with the several times that was down during my
	migration from an OLD to a new server.  Got that done late last month.
	Wife+daughter were at me whenever my system was down; finally I said,
	fine, you both order Comcast; I'll make do with my telco, Qwest.

	Yesterday morning the cable installer used our telco line and now we
	have two Internet feeds.  --I'll spare you the 28 hours was
	dead; I'll just say that going to one's thinking-place and
	thinking-thinking-thinking does good sometimes.  My *switch* needed to be
	power-cycled.  Now I am back; now on to other things.-- 

	A few of you have made mention of my only having one link to the
	Internet.  Now there are two available: the telephone company and the
	cable company.  Can I make use of comcast to give me a secondary
	nameserver, somehow, someway, I don't care how?  

	My ThinkPad has builtin wireless detection; that much showed up when I
	was using Windoze.  I have Zero idea about my Dell server.  The long and
	the short of it is: can I take advantage of having two 'Net
	connections, and if so, how? 

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