port-MESS with apache22

PJ af.gourmet at videotron.ca
Sat Jan 9 02:35:05 UTC 2010

Upgraded to 8.0 without problem.
Reinstalling ports was tedious... but NP for most part.
Sommehow the installation of apache22 stumbled over some configuration
issues, I think....
I found that apache was running ok, except...
php5 module was not correctly installed...
So, I'm trying to reinstall apache22 and php5 without much success.
Apache really screwed up and started an install into
Now how it got that is beyond me... when I saw it was doing that, I
deinstalled and then reinstalled... the reinstallation is lighting fast
(now, that's weird)... but no matter what I do, I cannot install the
php5 module correctly.
Apache continues to create a couple of directories:
Otherwise, the apache22 directories seem to be correctly installed.
I delete the apache2 directories, but reinstall keeps popping them up
and the php5 installation keeps trying to use the apache2 directories.
There seems to be some sort of configuration loaded somewhere but I
can't find it.
Any suggestions?
Should I just wipe everything related to apache22 and then delete the
ports files for apache22 and reload them with cvsup-without-gui?
It seems to be such a big PITA.
Shame, as the upgrade went so well... even Flash player seems to be ok
.... it was in trying to connect to my virtual host sites on the
localhost that I found the apache nonsense...
Thanks for any suggestions.

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