sshfs, nfs, etc. on FreeBSD

Steve Bertrand steve at
Sat Jan 9 01:50:26 UTC 2010

Steve Bertrand wrote:
> Nerius Landys wrote:
>> I'm looking for a lightweight, secure, and non-intrusive file sharing
>> system for 2 servers in a data center.  For example I'd like to [as an
>> ordinary user] temporarily mount the home directory (/usr/home/) of
>> one server to a temporary mount point on the other server, and then,
>> assuming my user has sufficient read permissions, I'd like to run some
>> files in the home directories through a log file parser that I wrote.
>> Now I'm not a really big fan of NFS.  I've just heard about sshfs.  
> Perhaps it would make it easier to understand if you stated *why* you
> are not a fan of NFS...
>> I don't really want to scp
>> copy files between the 2 servers.
> What is/would be your preferred method of transferring files? dragging
> and dropping like in Windows, or will this be CLI-only access/usage?
> iow, what 'style' of access are you looking for?


fwiw, if your parser is the only reason for this over-the-network access
(ie. its a one-off thing), you could use that to your advantage and
write that into your application.

This is *trivially* easy if you are using Perl ;)

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