Clean PHP 5.2.12 Build Core Dumping

Don O'Neil lists at
Sat Jan 9 00:18:23 UTC 2010

Ok... more info on the problem...

I started with a clean untarred archive, ad just ran ./configure, make, make
test.... I get a core dump.

After running gdb on the core dump I noticed it was the sqlite stuff that
was dumping, so I re-ran configure with --without-sqlite
--without-pdo-sqlite --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql

Now the gdb shows this:

Core was generated by `php'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x081d50a7 in sqlite3Select (pParse=0xbbc00080, p=0x0, eDest=164102200,
    iParm=0, pParent=0x24, parentTab=139141440, pParentAgg=0x84c10d8,
3172          for(j=0; j<pGroupBy->nExpr; j++){

First off, the compile directory listed is wrong, don't know where it got
php-5.2.11 from, that's the last version I built and is installed on this
system. Maybe it's pulling that from the system php? 

Secondly, even though I've told it not to use sqlite, it still seems to be.

Any help here would be appreciated in moving forward. My whole reason for
needing to rebuild php is I need the pdo_mysql module instead of the
pdo_sqlite version.


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