Virtualbox and bridged interface.

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Fri Jan 8 19:37:41 UTC 2010

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>Le Fri, 1 Jan 2010 17:36:30 -0600,
>Adam Vande More <amvandemore at> a =E9crit :
>> > Is there someone able to make VirtualBox working with a bridged
>> > interface?
>> >
>> > I've got :
>> > My gateway/access point on
>> > The host on via wifi (wlan0)
>> > The guest on bridged with wlan0
>> Bridged networking doesn't work on wireless interfaces.
>Ah ok :(
>I would be happy to know why, briefly. Is it a limitation in the
>wireless connection or a limitation in the operating system (FreeBSD)?
The problem is caused by the fact that hosts on wifi can usually only
use a single mac address, and while the vbox code does contain a
`shared mac' feature thats supposed to work around this problem this
feature hasn't been ported for FreeBSD hosts yet.

>I've used some bridged guests on Mac OS X and vmware fusion but I don't
>remember if I used the ethernet or the wireless interface.
>To J.D.Bronson: no mac authentication here, thanks for the "shot in the
>dark" anyway.
>So I will try to setup a vpn between the host and the guest.

 There is another workaround tho that you can try involving a tap
interface, routing, proxy arp, and a patch to vbox to enable direct
tap networking,
more details including a config example in this post:
(I patched vbox 3.1.2 thats not commtted to ports yet, it's possible
the patch doesn't apply to the older version in ports.  The latest vbox
3.1.2 Call for testing is here:
The patch can go in that port's files/ dir.)


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