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Carmel carmel_ny at
Fri Jan 8 13:47:17 UTC 2010

On Fri, 08 Jan 2010 13:05:45 +0000 Daniel Grant <daniel at> articulated:

> I would suggest protecting your keys with a passphrase, then the key 
> alone is not enough to gain access to the machines.
> Simply put - in order for someone to access computer 3 from computer 2, 
> would be for computer 3 to have computer 2's public key.  So if computer 
> 2's private key can be accessed from computer 1, then yes access to 
> computer 3 could be granted.

That is what I have considered doing. The problem is that I will have to
remember the password. I tend to use different passwords for different
things. I therefore have a bad habit of forgetting the password. In any
case, I will probably be forced to go that route thought.

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