Any delivery block to freebsd-questions list?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Fri Jan 8 08:39:21 UTC 2010

Matthias Apitz wrote:
> El día Friday, January 08, 2010 a las 06:57:04AM +0100, Matthias Apitz escribió:
>>> Sounds like that's just graylisting.  The delay will depend on how long
>>> it takes your MTA (or the smarthost you use) to retry the message.
>> In my case it seems not to be graylisting, but blacklisting; i.e. the
>> mail is not delivered at all :-(
> Now, with the above reply, the mail of yesterday showed up in the list
> as well... what is this?

Well, looking at the headers, it spent about 11 hours sitting at
Once it was accepted at, it went out to the list in about 2 minutes.

Received: from ( [])
	by (Postfix) with ESMTP id EDF3F8FC1C
	for <freebsd-questions at>;
	Fri,  8 Jan 2010 05:57:09 +0000 (UTC)
Received: from [] (
	by with esmtpsa (TLS-1.0:DHE_RSA_AES_256_CBC_SHA:32)
	(Exim 4.50) id 1NSuhI-0004mn-4D
	for freebsd-questions at; Thu, 07 Jan 2010 16:54:52 +0100
Received: from (current [])
	by (8.14.3/8.14.3) with ESMTP id o07FspAW026325
	for <freebsd-questions at>;
	Thu, 7 Jan 2010 16:54:51 +0100 (CET) (envelope-from guru at

Now, not knowing what the configuration of is like,
I can only speculate that it tried to deliver to and, for
whatever reason, failed at the initial attempt.  [It's not greylisting by
the FreeBSD mailservers, because they don't use it.]  We can't see from this
trace how many times retried sending the message during that
time -- typically it should try again after 15 or 30min and then keep trying
again at that sort of interval or longer for up to 5 days.  As they are using Exim, it's quite likely the message ended up in a stuck-message queue which would still keep retrying delivery, but at a much lower frequency.

Without looking at the mail logs on we can't know why the
message wasn't accepted.  We can tell that it was temp-failed -- ie. you
didn't get a bounce back with a permanent failure message.  There are several
mechanisms used with e-mail that might generate this sort of temp-fail response
(SPF, DKIM -- but there are no indications uses these in the
message headers) or else the problem might well have been a failure in the DNS
-- if couldn't look up or then it wouldn't accept the message.  This last scenario seems the most likely to me, especially since you say you've recently changed e-mail service provider.



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