Tuning for very little RAM

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at netscape.net
Wed Jan 6 19:03:17 UTC 2010

> I don't think we want to hijack this thread or this forum and turn it
> into a debate over which window managers and apps are best.  As I
> pointed out in my followup to my original reply, there's already a
> voluminous discussion on those topics.  I think we should simply point
> interested readers in that direction and let them make up their own
> minds.

I am currently using a PIV 2.4GHz with 480MB RAM with fluxbox!

This works really well, I have firefox and opera browsers installed and 
will look at getting my favorite Seamonkey installed too sometime but 
isn't a priority as this machine doubles as a DNS, NTP, NFS, and Radio 
streaming server :-)

And I only have a 35GB HD too which is peanuts considering that in my 
full-blown network in my other house I have round 3.2TB.......

So far am only using 80-90MB RAM when X is turned off! With X on it's 
round ~125MB that's with running Xterm, Firefox, and Rhythmbox or even 

In my opinion it's always best to test and try out a few WM's to see 
which one fits the bill best, after that it's easy!



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