Problems building from ports

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at
Tue Jan 5 21:14:24 UTC 2010

On Sunday 03 January 2010, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Mike Clarke wrote:
> > After pondering a bit more over this problem I think I know where
> > the 6.4 stuff may have come from. After I built the base system I
> > copied various useful files from /root on the 6.4 system,
> > including /root/.cshrc which contained a line setting PACKAGESITE
> > to
> >
> >se/All/ and it's quite possible that I ran portinstall -P for some
> > ports before I got round to changing this to point to packages-8.
> Yep.  This would stick a fairly hefty spanner in the works.

It certainly made quite a mess but it's surprising how well the system 
has been running with all this damage.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions regarding the rebuilding 
process. Although the procedure I had in mind was similar some of your 
suggestions hadn't occurred to me and are much appreciated, I would 
almost certainly have overlooked /compat/linux and the need to re-run 

I've copied my system over to a spare PC so I can rebuild all the ports 
on the original machine without loosing access to a (sort of) working 
system. All the ports have been deinstalled from the original machine 
and I will now start work on re-installing the ports. Rather than run a 
single massive upgrade job I'll follow my normal practise of getting 
xorg and my nvidia driver working first then install the rest in a big 

Mike Clarke

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