re-installing a port to a specific version

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Tue Jan 5 17:52:23 UTC 2010


I am re-installing a server where I have an old version of slony installed (db replication for postgresql)… 
I am keeping my port tree up to date with portmaster (I have added an +IGNOREME file in order to avoid updates on this specific port). 
I have to change server, a new server has been installed with a fresh BSD install. 

I want to know how i can copy, or re-install this specific port… 
I have in my possession : 

1. the distfiles located on the running server in /usr/ports/distfiles/slony.xx
2. a newer version of the Makefile (couple of version ahead)… 

Any idea or clue on how to reinstall this port to this specific version. 


P.S. I know there is a solution that consist to sync the port tree to the specific date (of version xxx of slony) and then compile, but this is quite heavy manipulation… If I could avoid that, It'd be great; 

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