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Mon Jan 4 13:21:20 UTC 2010

On Mon, 04 Jan 2010 13:51:36 +0100
Peter Ulrich Kruppa <ulrich at> replied:

>I am running my own small mail-server, i.e. I use my desktop pc for
>sending and receiving my private mails.
>That worked quite nicely the last years. From time to time I tested my
>mail-server via's mail-relay tester. - Never got any
>Now suddenly I receive one:
>        This is a test of third-party mail relay, generated via the
>        Network Abuse Clearinghouse at
>            Target host =
>            Test performed by <ulrich at> from
>        A well-configured mail server should NOT relay third-party
>        email.
>        Otherwise, the server is subject to abuse by vandals and
>        spammers,
>        and probable blacklisting by recipients of the unwanted
>        third-party
>        e-mail.
>Of course I had some fun trying to read sendmail's documentation. But I
>guess I need some help with this.
>I am running FreeBSD -STABLE 8.0 amd64 .
>I don't think I ever played around with sendmail's configuration. I
>just use it as came out of the box.
>Any ideas?

I just tried and received a "Relaying denied" response.

By the way, I noticed that you apparently do not employ SMTP
Authentication or offer STARTTLS on either port 25 or 587. You might
want to consider employing them. Then again, you could just install
Postfix. It is far easier to configure.

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