sendmail: open-relay

Peter Ulrich Kruppa ulrich at
Mon Jan 4 12:49:50 UTC 2010


I am running my own small mail-server, i.e. I use my desktop pc for
sending and receiving my private mails.
That worked quite nicely the last years. From time to time I tested my
mail-server via's mail-relay tester. - Never got any
Now suddenly I receive one:
        This is a test of third-party mail relay, generated via the
        Network Abuse Clearinghouse at
            Target host =
            Test performed by <ulrich at> from
        A well-configured mail server should NOT relay third-party
        Otherwise, the server is subject to abuse by vandals and
        and probable blacklisting by recipients of the unwanted
Of course I had some fun trying to read sendmail's documentation. But I
guess I need some help with this.

I am running FreeBSD -STABLE 8.0 amd64 .
I don't think I ever played around with sendmail's configuration. I just
use it as came out of the box.

Any ideas?


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