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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Mon Jan 4 07:04:05 UTC 2010

Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
> On Jan 3, 2010, at 2:10 PM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> There's a .shar of the new port at:
>> Comments, critique are welcome.  Unless there are any killer bugs, I'll
>> send-pr(1) in a week or so.
> Thanks for doing that. It looks great to me. I just wonder about it
> being enabled by default. I don't know what official policy is (if
> such a thing exists), but my experience with FreeBSD ports is that
> while they install things, the user must still explicitly enable
> them.

Yes.  I considered that myself.  There's no clear standard followed by other
ports installing periodic scripts -- some are enabled by default, others
aren't.  In the end I went for having it on by default as installing it
does indicate a desire to run it.  It's no big deal to switch it around

> So if might be a good idea to set the defaults to "NO" and include a
> pkg-message that instructs people to add the enabling lines in
> /etc/periodic.conf.local

Sure.  That's no problem.

> I'm also wondering about the name of the port. This really is only
> one utility.

That's just future proofing...
> Anyway, those are trivial concerns. The substance of your port all
> looks very good to me.

Excellent. Thank you very much.  I've a small cosmetic change -- it needs to
print a blank line before anything else -- and apart from the enabled by
default or not question, I need to force it to do a rules update somehow,
so that code path gets tested properly.



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