Can't get "ZFS on GPT Root" to work.

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Mon Jan 4 05:26:06 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Randal" == Randal L Schwartz <merlyn at> writes:

>>>>> "krad" == krad  <kraduk at> writes:
krad> make sure you dont export the pool after you have copied the zpool cache
krad> onto the zfs root fs, as that will break everything.

Randal> Hmm.  But doesn't executing a shutdown automatically export everythign?

Randal> if not, how is there ever a clean shutdown? :)

But in fact, that was the problem.

Once I followed *exactly* the instructions on the page,
not trying to "tidy up before reboot", it works just fine.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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