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Karl J. Runge runge at
Sat Jan 2 23:12:00 UTC 2010

On Fri, 1 Jan 2010, Warren Block <wblock at> wrote:
> [SSL mode for x11vnc]
> I've tried it now and it does just what is needed for my setup!

Very good.

> Finally, a little feedback:
> On a Windows Vista system, AVG screamed that the netcat.exe from 
> was a virus (don't think it is, just 
> mentioning it).

Yes, that is for the little used port-knocking feature (you can delete
it if it causes a persistant annoyance.)  AV software tends to have a
knee-jerk reaction to netcat because it is often in a rootkit.  OTOH on
Unix netcat/nc is often installed by default (and so SSVNC uses the
system one there.)  I don't feel like writing C program for Windows to
do what I need from netcat.exe only to avoid the AV triggers.

> The TightVNC server on that Vista machine will connect with the
> FreeBSD ssvncviewer, and the ssvncviewer console window shows status
> information, but no graphic window opens on the FreeBSD system.

Could you show me (via this thread or private email) the ssvncviewer
console window printout for when this happens?  I might spot a problem.
Please include all of the output from the very beginning.

(BTW, if you don't know how to scroll or select all of the text in xterm
feel free to ask me.)

> The FreeBSD TightVNC vncviewer opens a window but has real trouble
> keeping the display updated, no doubt due to Vista.  Finally, the
> UltraVNC server with special Vista video drivers works usably with
> ssvncviewer.

I've seen things like this.

> Can SSL be used with a Windows VNC server?

Yes.  In a SSVNC Windows bundle look for an the the stunnel example
provided in:


You run stunnel.exe on that conf file (modified to your needs), and
the traffic goes thru stunnel.

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