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	The main reason I upgraded to OOo-311 was to have a functional
	spellchecker.  I can't find any, even tho but clicking around I
	found ``en_US.oxt'' which is a zip file.  The HElp file does not
	jibe with what's there in the File -> Wizards ... .   Anyway, Adam,
	the extension you listed turns out to be the file I downloaded.  

	How-to install the thing and get it working!?


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	About an hour ago things started working, and this time I made
	notes.  ((__NOTE__: The thesaurus stuff is 28.0MB and harder to
	retrieve; I'll try later.))

	Here is a cut and paste of my notes on getting en_US.oxt to install
	and work:

Left mouse click on "Insert" top bar, go down to File at the last entry of
the dropdown. [it may take several seconds.]

A widget/window/dialogue will open in your cwd with a list of files that
should include the spell-checking file, en_US.oxt.  Scroll down the list
and click on this file.  Then click the "Insert" button on the dialog.  You
may need to restart OOo at least once until the checker starts underlining
misspelled words.

	If anyone onlist can find WiRWib.oxt, the thesaurus file, I may
	be able to make it available on a server somewhere in the States.


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