New user - small file server questions and quick GUI question

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at
Fri Jan 1 22:13:18 UTC 2010

Just to give a quick overview of what is being used currently:

test# du -sch etc
1.7M    etc
1.7M    total
test# du -sch var
1.0M    var
1.0M    total
test# du -sch tmp
 10K    tmp
 10K    total
test# du -sch usr
1.0G    usr
1.0G    total

I think I could get away with 500MB for /var and /tmp and have /usr as 2 
or 3GB??

What's everyone's verdict?

Also I didn't realize and forgot to mention before that NFS on BSD won't 
export /home but instead exports the link in /usr/home..... as I had 
issues with "bad exports line /home" in /var/log/messages!

In addition I edited my rc.conf file to include these extra lines as per 
Google; what's everyone's opinion on them though as I'm a little unsure 
of what they do (indicated with *):

*nfs_server_flags="-u -t -n 4"

Finally for Bind I don't get why everything has been stuffed into 
named.conf??? In terms of all root servers etc.... Linux is very 
different in that a separate dir is created with separate file for root 
servers. Is there any particular reason for this??


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