spamassassin Y2010 bug

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at
Fri Jan 1 21:05:56 UTC 2010

I've submitted a PR for this, but email administrators who use SpamAssassin may wish to take immediate action.

There is a SpamAssassin rule which treats messages with dates after 2009 as "far in the future".  This adds about 3 points to the SA score, so is very substantial.

I've posted details and links here

But as an immediate, though possibly temporary, work around I would recommend just adding

  score	FH_DATE_PAST_20XX	0

to your own file to disable the rule.

There is discussion on the SA mailing list, and it is likely that some fix will be in with the next batch of rule updates for those who use sa-update.  But if you aren't willing to wait or you don't use sa-update, I recommend the above workaround.



Jeffrey Goldberg              

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