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Fri Jan 1 17:45:46 UTC 2010

Warren Block wrote:
> A remote computer used by relatives is running FreeBSD and X.  I'd like 
> to find a method to work with the remote desktop to help them solve 
> problems and maintain the system.
> The remote user's existing desktop should be shared, rather than 
> creating a new session.
> Traffic and passwords should be encrypted.
> The remote system could be on dialup, so faster is better.
> The remote system should initiate the connection so there's no need for 
> the remote users to change firewall settings.  Also no security concern 
> when the software isn't being used.
> So far, ssvnc and x11vnc look to be the only combination that meets the 
> requirements.  Are there others?

x2x sounds like it fits the bill:

The home page for x2x is at but it seems to
be having a few problems at the moment.

Note that this sends X protocol traffic across the net without encryption, an
action that is at least as bad, and in fact, probably rather worse than using
an unencrypted rsh or telnet session.  Best to wrap everything in a SSH or ipsec



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