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>On Fri, Jan 01, 2010 at 09:48:28AM -0600, Charles Howse wrote:
>> Hi Thomas, thanks for the reply.
>> This is kinda gnarly.  I'm using VMware Player on Windows 7, FreeBSD is the
>> guest OS.
>> I have a script that outputs some text that I would like in the clipboard
>> that I can paste into an email in Windows Outlook.
>Ah right.  You'll find that won't work at all.
>-- Thomas Adam

With VMware Workstation, I do something similar by launching the VM but ignoring the console of it.  Use PuTTY to connect to the virtual machine via its IP address.  From PuTTY, anything on screen is trivially copied to the host's windows clipboard by selecting it with your mouse.

How may that work for you?


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