/ slice too small

Elias Chrysocheris eliaschr at cha.forthnet.gr
Sun Feb 28 15:42:18 UTC 2010

On Sunday 28 of February 2010 15:26:54 Frank Shute wrote:
> I've got a machine here running 7.2 which I want to upgrade to 8.0 but
> looking at the root slice it is woefully small:
> $ df -h
> Filesystem    Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
> /dev/ad4s2    190M    146M     29M    84%    /
> devfs         1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /dev
> /dev/ad4s4    129G     15G    104G    12%    /usr
> devfs         1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /var/named/dev
> I've got a CD/DVD writer on that machine along with a 100MB ethernet
> connection to my desktop.
> How do I go about upgrading it? Dump/restore and change the partition
> table?
> Any suggestions gratefully received.
> Regards,

Yes. The dump/restore should do the trick as long as you have another medium 
to store the dumps (such as another hard disk). You will store the images of 
your slices to the new medium using dump(8). You can then use FixIt console to 
re-partition and re-slice your hard disk and then restore(8) your images in 
the newly sliced hard disk. Actually, if you have another hard disk device, 
you can use piped dump/restore to copy the whole system from one disk to the 
other and make the second one your bootable disk. Of course you must have 
sliced the second device first.
I've done this many times. The first was to remove an openSUSE partition I had, 
living in the same hard disk as my FreeBSD. The second time was to move my 
FreeBSD to another hard disk (physical device). The new disk became my boot 
The third time was to move my system to another bigger hard disk device and at 
the same time be formated as ZFS.
Now my system boots from this third hard disk device, having ZFS and the 
operating system is the same as that I first installed (of cource updated...)


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