How to check a ext3 partition ?

Ishmael F.E. sulfurfff at
Sun Feb 28 01:03:42 UTC 2010

e2fsprogs has utilities to create and check ext2 and ext3,
it also creates ext4, but freebsd (at this time) doesn't
seems to be able to mount ext4 yet.

I had to install it because I share /home with GNU/linux.

2010/2/27 Kevin Kinsey

> zaxis wrote:
>> There is a ext3 partition used to share data between linux and freebsd.
>> Sometimes freebsd cannot mount this partition as abnormal poweroff.   I
>> have
>> to enter linux to do `fsck.ext3` .
>> Can freebsd fsck ext3 partition ?
> Not natively, AFAIK.  Check out /usr/ports/sysutils/e2fsprogs;
> I've not used it, but I'd imagine it would take care of this
> chore for you.
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