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Fri Feb 26 17:22:48 UTC 2010

On Fri, 26 Feb 2010 09:01:35 -0800 (PST)
Bill Tillman <btillman99 at> articulated:

> Thanks for your reply. Your answers are usually spot on but this is
> one of those difficult times when the Windows and Linux guys at work
> laugh their asses off at me for being such a FreeBSD die-hard. I
> thought it might be a faulty cable or even the printer shot it's wad
> so I moved it over to a Windows Vista machine and poof, 15 seconds
> later it had found it, installed the correct driver and printed two
> pages for me. I tried your method below and even though I changed "x"
> attribute all I got was the following in the /var/log/lpd-errs file:
> Feb 26 11:30:29 FreeBSD1 lpd[1413]: lp: cannot
> execv(/usr/local/libexec/ps2pcl): Exec format error Feb 26 11:30:29
> FreeBSD1 lpd[1412]: lp: job could not be printed
> (
> So I added the standard #!/bin/sh line to the beginning of the ps2pcl
> file and nothing printed, not even error messages about what
> happened. And that seems to be what's going on here. I also tried the
> standard ifhp filter file shown in the handbook and switched the
> device from DJ500 to hl1250. This is the gs driver that worked before
> with the apsfilter method when the printer was on lpt0: The queue
> shows it's empty with no jobs waiting and the log files are void of
> any evidence of what happened to the job. The printer sits there as
> if nothing happened. I understand these are difficult topics to
> overcome with FreeBSD as the docs are not always in synch with the
> OS. But just like before when I had trouble getting this laser
> printer to work under lpd until I found apsfilter it was difficult.
> Once I had that method down it was easy to setup again. It's got to
> be something simple here. Thanks again for the advice. If you think
> of anything else please pass it on. In the meantime I'm still doing
> google and yahoo searches and will try again with the #freebsd
> channel.

I feel your pain. I have struggles getting printers, especially
wireless ones, working with FreeBSD for way too long also. It always
seems to be a hit or miss adventure. While MS Windows has several
problems, printing is not one of them.

Good luck, and please post your solution once you have one.

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