8.0 PAE kernel, KVA and kern.maxvnodes

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 08:37:53 UTC 2010

I have a 32 bit FreeBSD 8.0 running on a quad core Xeon machine with 6
gigs of RAM.  I decided on a 32 bit vs 64 for various reasons.  So now
I need to enable PAE in the kernel, easy enough.

I had a look through all the relevant man pages and I've successfully
modified my kernel configuration file.  I just have one concern

I do a "man 4 pae" and the last paragraph has me worried a bit.  It's
regarding KVA_PAGES and kern.maxvnodes.  I'm not really sure what they
mean there in the man page, and the "tuning" manpage does not give
further details on this subject.  The Google hits that I got regarding
this are a bit outdated as well.

Should I tamper with these values (KVA_PAGES and/or kern.maxvnodes)?
If so, what are some good settings for my 6 gig machine running
FreeBSD 8.0?  Or maybe just leave as-is?

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