ppc and Xorg

David Goodwin dgoodwin at cs.dal.ca
Fri Feb 26 04:00:02 UTC 2010

I've got an iMac G3, and have gotten past a number of difficulties/
First. Freebsd 8 stopped loading at acd0 . Found a blog somewhere that  
set hint.pcib.2.skipslot=14
then I went many rounds before I figured out that I needed to
pre-partition the drive so that the installer labeler could see the  
no auto slicing here
I created a small partition for OS X and put the loader file at root  
then turned off auto-boot? using nvram auto-boot?=false
getting docs installed involved mounting cd1 after the install
and going through all the folders on cd1 that required the index file  
for the 2nd and 3rd cd's (which the
installer never called for. Every install attempt simply listed  
everything that couldn't be installed.
sources installed just fine
used portsnap for my ports distribution
ok now I am into something like my 7th install, and here's the rub
every time I try to install xorg, After nearly 24 hours of compiling,  
the machine freezes
and in about half the attempts, it has ruined the btree for usr and  
sometimes for tmp as well

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

Right now I am waiting for portsnap to finish its extraction. I have  
downloaded the contents of the everything directory form x.org and  
will try installing that for this next attempt

Cheers to all from Nova Scotia, East Coast Canada
David Goodwin
56 year old Computer Science Undergrad
Dalhousie University
dgoodwin at cs.dal.ca

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