User Directories On FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE

Programmer In Training pit at
Thu Feb 25 23:15:59 UTC 2010

On 02/19/10 03:05, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 18/02/2010 21:26, Programmer In Training wrote:
>> Possibly not the most secure permissions but I don't remember the
>> default (I think it's 644).
> Nope.  For directories it's 755.  You need the x permission on a
> directory to chdir to it.

I figured as much, but the normal files (like text files, images and the
like) when created don't show up red with an asterisk when I ls the
directory as they do now (new files still don't) but I guess it really
isn't an issue.

>> Apache runs as user:group deamon:daemon
> The default is www:www but I guess you know your own configuration.

I know the default is www:www but for some reason, when Apache installed
it defaulted to daemon:daemon with nothing being set on my part.

>> Trying to su in from root as daemon returns the following:
>> su - daemon
>> This account is currently not available.
> Yep.  That's because it (correctly) doesn't have a usable login shell.  Try:
>    su -m daemon

Didn't think of that, thanks.

> If you're getting 403 permission denied errors trying to access

I am (did I forget to mention that, if so my apologies to the list).

> userdirs, then the problem lies within the apache configuration.
> What you need to do is configure the permissions based on the home
> directory path returned from getpwent() -- by default under FreeBSD
> that's /home/user1/  Nevermind that much of the time /home is a symlink
> to /usr/home -- it's the path returned from the passwd file that apache
> uses for comparison, long before trying to resolve any symlinks and open
> anything on the hard-drive.

That's entirely confusing (not your explanation, just the why). Will
change it back to the default and see where it goes from there.

Well, I just changed everything referring to the userdir's in
http-userdir.conf to the way you suggested. Works just fine.

I'd just like to thank everyone that helped me. Much appreciated! Now I
can do some ports based virtual hosts so I can put all my websites to
their own root. I believe I can handle it from here. (: Once again, a
big thank you to everyone who helped. (:

Also, to those who asked, I believe Apache 2.2 now compiles in with some
of the most common modules by default but I reinstalled with the userdir
mod as a dso, just in case.
Yours In Christ,

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