left over restore file restoresymtable

Michael Powell nightrecon at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 25 04:46:03 UTC 2010

Aiza wrote:

> The man for restore says this.
> Note that restore leaves a file restoresymtable in the root
> directory to pass information between incremental restore passes.
> This file should be removed when the last incremental has been restored.
> What root directory is this talking about?
> If system is booted from cd or dvd then this file can not be written to
> /root of the booted system.
> Does this message really mean its written to /root of the just restored
> file system /

This file is written when a backup is restored. In order for restore to 
operate it must write. The root it is talking about is the root of whatever 
file system you are restoring. For example, let's say you backed up /usr (or 
even /dev/ad0s1d, etc). When you restore that /usr the restoresymtable file 
will be at the root of /usr. Same for any other partition.


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