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On 02/22/10 14:32, Programmer In Training wrote:
> Second attempt to post this to the list. Please bear with me as I'm
> having issues with my posts to the list not always making it through.
> OK, after some searching I've come up (almost) empty handed[0-1].
> Everything else I've found so far for IOMEGA ZIP100 drives deals with
> the external drive (either USB or parallel port). I've not seen anything
> in dmesg or /var/log/messages that would indicate that the device is
> being detected by anything on boot aside from the BIOS. I'm not sure of

OK, upon a second reboot (for something unrelated), the device is
detected (but I think only because I had the disk in the drive at the
time). Now I'm having mount issues. First, it's entry in dmesg:

afd0: 95MB <IOMEGA ZIP 100 ATAPI 13.A> at ata0-slave PIO0

I'm issuing the following command with the following results:

mount_msdosfs /dev/afd0 /mnt/zip
mount_msdosfs: /dev/afd0: Invalid argument

The man page for mount and mount_msdosfs gives no clue on why that's an
invalid argument. When executed, the drive is accessed, then a moment
later it errors out as above. I've tried afd1 through afd4, I just get
no such file or directory errors.

I'd like to use the zip drive to back up my private keys from GnuPG and
other important data.
Yours In Christ,

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