Dual booting Windows 7 and FreeBSD (and possibly GRUB)

krad kraduk at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 23 16:58:01 UTC 2010

or simply do an

fdisk -B
bsdlabel -B /dev/ad0s2

or similar

On 23 February 2010 13:16, AngryWolf <angrywolf2009 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Even if you installed FreeBSD *before* Windows, you can restore the FreeBSD
> boot manager with sysinstall (select the Custom installation from the main
> menu), for example. Or GRUB can also be another way to go, of course.
> --
> AngryWolf
> On 2010.02.23. 13:58, Polytropon wrote:
>> FreeBSD brings its own boot manager that can be installed.
>> As far as I know, it should be installed after the "Windows"
>> installation, because it would be overwritten otherwise.
>> If you're planning to also use Linux, I think GRUB may
>> be a good solution.
>> As I am not using multi-boot environments, I can't be
>> more precise. But go ahead and try the presented suggestions.
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