Netgraph VLan support

Ross Cameron ross.cameron at
Tue Feb 23 13:33:04 UTC 2010

Hi there all

I've trying to setup nested VLans using netgraph and most of my
googling suggests that this can be done.
    But alas it is not working on this side. I'm running a standard
FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE-p2 AMD64.

The below works just fine and creates a perfectly functional Vlan
interface ngeth0:
ifconfig bge0 netmask
kldload ng_ether
kldload ng_vlan
ngctl mkpeer bge0: vlan lower downstream
ngctl name bge0:lower vlanL1
ngctl connect bge0: vlanL1: upper nomatch
ngctl mkpeer vlanL1: eiface vlan3555 ether
ngctl msg vlanL1: addfilter '{ vlan=3555 hook="vlan3555" }'
ifconfig ngeth0 link 00:1a:4b:d4:3e:c2
ifconfig ngeth0 netmask

The below however does not and just throws an error :
ngctl mkpeer ngeth0: vlan lower downstream
ngctl name ngeth0:lower vlanL2
ngctl connect ngeth0: vlanL2: upper nomatch
ngctl mkpeer vlanL2: eiface vlan2555 ether
ngctl msg vlanL2: addfilter '{ vlan=2555 hook="vlan2555" }'
ifconfig ngeth1 link 00:1a:4b:d4:3e:c2
ifconfig ngeth1 netmask

The error is:
ngctl: send msg: Protocol family not supported
ngctl: send msg: No such file or directory

Any advice?

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