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Mon Feb 22 20:32:35 UTC 2010

Second attempt to post this to the list. Please bear with me as I'm
having issues with my posts to the list not always making it through.

OK, after some searching I've come up (almost) empty handed[0-1].
Everything else I've found so far for IOMEGA ZIP100 drives deals with
the external drive (either USB or parallel port). I've not seen anything
in dmesg or /var/log/messages that would indicate that the device is
being detected by anything on boot aside from the BIOS. I'm not sure of
the pin selector on the drive but it is cabled as the secondary master
(the primary master being my hard drive, of course).

I did try "mount_msdosfs /dev/ad1s4 /mnt/zip" (zip added by me after
creating the appropriate directory in /mnt) but came up with
"mount_msdosfs: /dev/adls4: No such file or directory" (there is a disk
currently loaded). Does anyone else have any experience with these
drives? Are there any docs I'm missing (aside from the FreeBSD Handbook,
which is silent about this under-appreciated (and unfortunately
over-priced) device[2])?

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