Limiting Port

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Mon Feb 22 19:18:52 UTC 2010

Alex Terente wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a problem with my FreeBSD system, i have installed a gameserver on
> it and after a period of time, the port 11002 (login port) is closed. What
> i can do to resolve this?

Two things spring to mind at first, possibly a way to get started. First, 
establish that it is not the game server relinquishing the port. This is 
unlikely but it ought to get eliminated from consideration. sockstat -4l 
will tell you what is listening to which ports. Next time it gets "closed" 
take a quick look at this and ensure the game server is actually still 
listening to this port. If it is not it is most likely a configuration 
detail relevant to the game server.

Second, this sounds a lot like a NAT session timing out from inactivity. If 
such a situation should be the case it is possible to design a rule specific 
so the ports' traffic can bypass NAT and run "straight-through". If the 
first thingy from above gets eliminated this is where I'd look next. As to 
exactly how you would go about tailoring such a rule would depend upon the 
syntax of whichever firewall you are using.


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