Physic to KVM VPS server FREEBSD 8.0 STABLE

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Mon Feb 22 16:02:43 UTC 2010

On 02/22/10 16:04, Jeronimo Calvo wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have managed to migrate a physic old server to a vps, using KVM.

Since you have not explainted what KVM is, I assume it's Linux's 

> Dumping the HD with dd to a .img file and assigning the hd under KVM.
> Everything looks alright except for a cdrom driver error (as the original
> server use to have 2 of them...)

You really need to send all error messages before anyone can comment on 
your problems. It is very unlikely, practically impossible, that the 
simple change in the number of CD/DVD devices causes any error by itself.

The only (not likely) way this could happen is if you automatically 
mount the CD devices from fstab, which is usually not done.

> I have recompile the kernel without atapi modules on it. but problem still
> persist.

Which points to the theory it is not causing your problems.

> There is any option to reconfigure all the hardware without re-installing,
> (something like the Repair option for NT systems)?

Unix kernels (recent ones) do not "configure" the hardware in a 
persistant way like Windows does via the Registry. All hardware is 
autodetected on boot every time. There is nothing to "repair" here.

You will probably need to send all boot messages received from the 
FreeBSD system during boot, including the error messages, before anyone 
can help you.

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