if this is a stupid q...

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Mon Feb 22 05:57:12 UTC 2010

	Excuse me, butthis IS  a stupid question.  I've tried to
	figure it out logically and by experimentation; just want to
	see if my findings jib with the unix wizards onlist.

	Now/then i do a portupgrade; I probably should just cron
	this, but it has given me problems before, so I do it while I
	can monitor the run.

	I'll do

	# portupgrade -akOPv 

	then go ahead and work on other things.   Question is What do
	I renice the run at [ruby] to set it to low at very
	low-power?  I've tried like -17 and +17 (or just 17) because
	I learned that nice'ing the prio level higher than 0 was giving
	it a lower prio.  Thus the rest of what I was doing could run
	anmost unaffected.   Sometimes I'll be running a vi or two
	with portupgrade the Only other thing running [compiling,
	usually], and my editing is extremely slow.

	So what renice value should i use [normally]?   Another
	question is for if i ever decide to cron portupgrade every
	week or so.  What nice values is best?



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