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Mon Feb 22 03:27:10 UTC 2010

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 10:39:57AM +0800, Aiza wrote:

> Looking for conformation.
> On booting into single user mode all files systems are unmounted except 
> / which is mounted read only.
> Is this true?
> Will dump/restore commands work?

Generally yes.   Make sure they are in your path and available to you
in whatever filesystem[s] you have mounted.  I think they normally are.
I believe dump and restore are in  /sbin  which should be part of your
root filesystem and not in its own partition.   ==Never put those things
that should be in root in their own partitions==
To check where they are use 'which'   which dump   or  which restore
will tell you where they are.

When you dump a non mounted filesystem, I think you have to use
the partition name, not the mount name.   

So, instead of
  dump 0afL /dev/nsa0 /usr     
it might be
  dump 0afL /dev/nsa0 /dev/ad0s1d
if your mount a partition /dev/ad0s1d as /usr normaly.

You don't really need to restore to an unmounted partition, though
using single user might be useful.   If you are restoring in single
user, do something like this.

  fsck -a
  mount -u /
  mount -a
  cd /usr
  restore -rf /dev/nsa0

Note: I am using /dev/nsa0 as where the dump media is.  that would
      be a tape device.  You need to adjust this for where you really
      write the dump or have the dump stored.

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