Getting kernel messages using syslog-ng 3.x

Phusion phusion2k at
Sun Feb 21 20:47:00 UTC 2010

I'm in need of getting help using syslog-ng 3 on FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE.
I'm having trouble getting kernel messages. I've made a very small
config file, and this isn't working either.

source local { internal(); file("/dev/klog"); unix-dgram("/var/run/log"); };
destination all { file("/var/log/all.log"); };
log { source(local); destination(all); };

The /etc/rc.conf.local has the following options in it.


This picks up other things, but not the kernel messages. I assume it's
a small configuration issue. Using file /dev/klog works using
syslog-ng 2.x on FreeBSD 8.0, but not using syslog-ng 3.x. Let me
know. Thanks.


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