Leslie Jensen leslie at eskk.nu
Wed Feb 17 06:57:40 UTC 2010

2010-02-16 19:35, Jamie Griffin skrev:
> I have a really simple question about updating my system. Does /usr/src/UPDATING say when I need to update the kernel and world (obviously after updating the sources using csup/cvsup). I've been assuming it does but i'm not sure i'm following it correctly. Or, does it just have information about 'issues' that may affect the update/upgrade process. The last update on freebsd 8.0-RELEASE i've got currently is 8.0-RELEASE-p2. Not sure if there has been another since that.

I've put this into /etc/crontab
@daily             root    freebsd-update cron

If any updates are availible I get a mail and all I have to do is run 
freebsd-update install and then reboot.

Very conveinient for me :-)


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