cannot build GIMP 2.6.8-1 on 8.0-STABLE

William Bulley web at
Tue Feb 16 19:13:55 UTC 2010

According to Warren Block <wblock at> on Mon, 02/15/10 at 16:39:
> webkit-gtk2 wants gnome-config to build gstreamer to support video. 
> You can disable the VIDEO option in the webkit-gtk2 config settings, or 
> just disable HELPBROWSER in the graphics/gimp-app port.  Last I looked, 
> the help was very outdated anyway.
> Don't know why the webkit-gtk2 build dies, though.

Thanks.  That suggestion allowed me to build the GIMP successfully.

Although I still don't know why the GIMP depends on gnome-keyring...  :-(



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