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Jason jhelfman at
Tue Feb 16 18:07:19 UTC 2010

I have not built on 8.0, however the update code should work just fine on a
custom kernel. The article I wrote is for amd64.

I am doing that myself, and I have written an article on it. It is also
pending a commit to the FreeBSD Documentation Project.

Hope this is helpful,

On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 11:46:38AM +0100, Andreas Nilsson thus spake:
>I have a need to ship updates to a customized freebsd install, and thought
>that freebsd-update could serve me. However
> is
>rather old and misses amd64 builds. There must be newer code around since
>freebsd-update can be used to update to latest 8.0-RELEASE on amd64. Where
>can I find it?
>Best regards
>Andreas Nilsson
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