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Tue Feb 16 02:32:47 UTC 2010

Gary Kline <kline at> writes:

> [...]
> 	If you look is /usr/ports/audio you will find the festival
> 	ports.  
>   2 drwxr-xr-x  3 root  wheel    512 Jan 25 20:13 festival
>   2 drwxr-xr-x  2 root  wheel    512 Jan 27 03:07 festival-freebsoft-utils
>    2 drwxr-xr-x  2 root  wheel    512 Apr  8  2009 festlex-cmu
>    	are some of them.  When you use the Konqueror browser and
> 	have festival correctly installed, you can mouse-swipe a
> 	bunch of text and click on the Tools drop-down and have the
> 	text read aloud to you.
> 	It is fairly difficult to get a computer produce human
> 	speech.  I found out just some of the problems recently when
> 	I began looking at some of the code.  Much of festival is
> 	written in C++; that I understand somewhat.  Other parts are
> 	written in some kind of LISP; I do not understand LISP very
> 	well. 

LISP is from Tao. That's why it is not easy to people. 

>       Anyway, the point here is that when I find a long,
> 	long essay on some philosopher and have to read it, having is
> 	spoken to me is *MUCH* easier than making my eyes struggle
> 	thru the essay.  
> 	So far, there are plug-ins to firefox-3 that attempt to read
> 	text to you, but nothing I can get to work.  Gnome probably
> 	does have speech apps by now, but they probably rely on
> 	festival as a back-end.

Well i cannot produce the problem on my desktop -- FreeBSD
8.0-RELEASE. And for now, actually i can't launch firefox because my
memory is so low (256M). Instead i use epiphany, which play well under
low memory system. Then your -RELEASE version and default GUI
environment(eg., KDE, GNOME)?     

Or i'd like to say that you should take to report as bug by send-pr. 

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