Better processor, SSE3, crypto?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Feb 12 19:07:16 UTC 2010

Hi. I'm stretching a couple machines with spare parts.
I've got a midrange P4 Northwood 2.4G/533 SL6PC and a lowball P4
Prescott 2.4G/533 SL7E8.
They're apparently missing 64bit, HT, NX, VT and friends.
To me, the Prescott only seems better by 512K more L2 cache, SSE3 and
more heat for the winter.

Are either of those two used or help a single focus like crypto...
geli/gbde/ssl [aes]?
I figure the cache will always help userland, maybe buildworld.

Kindof a dumb question, I should probably just test and reply to myself :)

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