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Fri Feb 12 17:19:43 UTC 2010

Adam Vande More wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 8:05 AM, John <john at> wrote:
>> People, people - be careful that we are not creating a formula to
>> break into FreeBSD servers around the world...
>> The only acceptable solution is for someone in Eric's organization
>> to secure physical access to the server.  It may be in a co-lo
>> situation, but if that's true, they must have a contract open and,
>> if nothing else, they terminate the contract and get the machine
>> back, though more likely, the contract allows them supervised
>> access.  Machines are not perfect - even without losing the root
>> password, they break and need maintenance - this is a MAINTENANCE
>> event and should be treated as such, just like a hard drive failure
>> or a NIC failure.
>> Creating a scheme for someone to break into FreeBSD systems remotely
>> or to publicize schemes people have created to remotely manage their
>> systems in ways that could be used to compromise them is foolishness!
>> Regardless of the purity of his intention, Eric is asking us to
>> tell him how to break into our homes or steal our cars. ;)
> Security through obscurity is no security, hence it is a good exercise.

Quite.  In any case, the OP started out by telling us how he had plugged 
a monitor into the server, so we're several degrees removed from reality 
by this point.


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