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Thu Feb 11 19:10:12 UTC 2010

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 3:44 AM, Martin McCormick
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> J65nko writes:
>> IMHO it is easier to to install FreeBSD without using sysinstall at all.
>> See the "FreeBSD Install Without Sysinstall" guide at
>        This looks very possible with a couple of changes. Am I
> right in my reading of the man page of mdconfig that the memory
> disk image will gobble up at least as much RAM as the image,
> itself? In this case, that's about 600 times more than I have
> available. mfsbsd seems as solid as a rock as long as you don't
> do something that needs lots of buffer space as there is only
> about a megabyte or two left over. tar works fine and I can copy
> either an iso image or a tar ball made from the file system over
> to the newly-formatted drive where it can be unpacked.  It may
> be necessary to run chroot /mnt so as not to munch mfs when
> running the scripts but I think this should install
> the system.
>        I really have given up on sysinstall for this purpose.
> It is hard to script and it appears that if you use the custom
> installation, you almost get a system but the effort is hardly
> worth it. One still has to install the kernel and many of the
> configuration files like /etc/rc.conf. I don't know why but
> another artickel I read on remote installation of FreeBSD that
> uses sysinstall describes this so I know it isn't just me doing
> something stupid. I feel kind of stupid spending almost 3 weeks
> finding out what doesn't work.
>        When using mfsbsd, one already has enough information in
> the interface configuration and resolv.conf to populate /etc/rc.conf,
> /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf to match the present network
> configuration. The local time zone is a copy of one of the rule
> sets for computing time placed as /etc/localtime. In the middle
> of the United States, it is /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Chicago
> copied, not linked, to /etc/localtime.
>        The goal is to run the script I will build under mfsbsd
> and then boot the system in working order as if it had been
> installed via sysinstall by someone sitting at a console.
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