FBSD 8.0 littering the filesystem with *.gmon files

Tim Daneliuk tundra at tundraware.com
Wed Feb 10 06:03:35 UTC 2010

On 2/9/2010 11:57 PM, Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Feb 09), Tim Daneliuk said:
>> I realize that developers find these helpful, but is there a way to
>> suppress the creation of these files all over the filesystem?
> You must have enabled profiling in CFLAGS somewhere; it's not on by default. 
> Search for "-p" or "-pg" in /etc/make.conf or you shell's startup scripts.

Nope - not set either place.  In fact, CFLAGS isn't even set in the
envirnment or mentioned in /etc/make.conf.

Curiouser and curiouser...

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