curl question - not exactly on-topic

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at
Wed Feb 10 01:21:29 UTC 2010

Actually, it's not merely a curl question, it's a "curl and squid" question.

I'm trying to determine the cause of a major slowdown in web browsing
on our network, so I've put curl on the squid box, and am using the
following incantations to see if I can determine the cause of the

     curl -s -w "%{time_total}\n" "%{time_namelookup}\n" -o /dev/null


     curl -s -w "%{time_total}\n" "%{time_namelookup}\n" -o /dev/null

The problem arises with the second version, which uses the proxy. The
first incantation just returns the times, which is exactly what I

However, when I use the -x parameter, to use the proxy, I get html
returned as well as the times, which is a pain to separate out.

Can someone point me on the road to suppressing the unwanted output?


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