can't make an 'a' slice except with auto-defaults

Steve Franks bahamasfranks at
Tue Feb 9 21:28:53 UTC 2010

> If you're running into the issue that I think you're running into,
> then there is a way to trick sysinstall to do what you want.
> When you ask sysinstall to create that first partition, claim that
> you are creating the partition named '/'.  If you do that, it will
> put the partition in as "a".  You couldn't actually partition it as
> '/', of course, because that would conflict with '/' on your
> running system.  But sysinstall will let you say you want to create
> '/', and then use "a" for that partition.
> Then select that "a" partition, and tell sysinstall you want to
> change the name for that partition.  Change it to whatever you
> want.  At that point sysinstall can't change the partition from "a"
> to "d", so you'll have the mount-point that you really want as the
> "a" partition.

I really should have thought of that!  So you create it as "/", and
then hit 'M' and change the mount point to, say, /mnt/root...


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