Migrating from ipfw and natd to pf

RW rwmaillists at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 9 18:28:49 UTC 2010

On Tue, 9 Feb 2010 10:54:45 -0600
John <john at starfire.mn.org> wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 09, 2010 at 03:31:34PM +0000, RW wrote:
> > On Tue, 9 Feb 2010 08:59:07 -0600
> > John <john at starfire.mn.org> wrote:
> > 
> > > Is there a good guide somewhere for migrating from ipfw and natd
> > > rules to pf?  I had pretty much gotten used to ipfw, and now pf
> > > seems very different to use and understand.
> > 
> > http://www.openbsd.org/faq/pf/index.html

Please keep on-topic replies in-list to help people who are searching
the list.

> OK - I guess it's all in there somewhere! 

Most of what you need to know is in the Basic Configuration section -
it's not much, pf is much easier than ipfw.

> I'm confused, though.  I
> thought "pf" was a part of the regular kernel?  But I do not have
> a /dev/pf:

The kernel module is loaded by the rc.d script if you enable pf in
rc.conf, check  /etc/defaults/rc.conf for more details. The rc.d script
also has a few useful extra options for checking syntax and reloading
rules without disrupting connections.

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