display and manipulate math symbols?

b. f. bf1783 at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 9 12:23:10 UTC 2010

> Is there any app or web site where you can select from a bunch
>of math symbols and arrange them on-screen?  I'm not talking
>about a program to solve; just display.  And i think you can
>describe things in english like "sqrt(2)" in OOo, and have that sq
>root sign displayed.  Not that either; rather pre-drawn symbols
>that could be moused around,

editors/abiword with deskutils/gucharmap?

graphics/xfig or graphics/gimp with some math symbol images like those
at:   http://us.metamath.org/symbols/symbols.html?

The drag-and-drop requirement is a bit limiting. If OpenOffice doesn't
meet your needs (are you sure the drawing or presentation components
won't work for you?), and you have the time, you might be better off
learning TeX and using something like editors/texmacs or print/lyx15,
which are WYSIWYG, or nearly so.


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