NFSv4: mount -t nsf4 not the same as mount_newnfs?

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Mon Feb 8 22:26:15 UTC 2010

On Mon, 8 Feb 2010, O. Hartmann wrote:

> So I guess the above one is the more 'transparent' one with respect to the 
> future, when NFSv4 gets mature and its way as matured into the kernel?

Yea, I'd only use "mount -t newnfs" if for some reason you want to 
test/use the experimental client for nfsv2,3 instead of the regular one.

> I tried the above and it works. But it seems, that only UFS2 filesystems can 
> be mounted by the client. When trying mounting a filesystem residing on ZFS, 
> it fails. Mounting works, but when try to access or doing a simple 'ls', I 
> get
> ls: /backup: Permission denied
> On server side, /etc/exports looks like
> --
> V4:     /       -sec=sys:krb5   #IPv4#
> /backup      #IPv4#
> --
> Is there still an issue with ZFS?
For ZFS, everything from the "root" specified by the "V4:" line
must be exported at this time. So, if "/" isn't exported, the
above won't work for ZFS. You can either export "/" or move the
NFSv4 root down to backup. For example, you could try:

V4:	/backup -sec=sys:krb5

(assuming /backup is the ZFS volume)

and then a mount like:
mount -t nfs -o nfsv4 server:/ /mnt
will mount /backup on /mnt

ps: ZFS also has its own export stuff, but it is my understanding that
     putting a line in /etc/exports is sufficient. I've never used ZFS,
     so others will know more than I.

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